Solar Backpack

Solar Backpack

First, some advice: NEVER climb a tree to escape a grizzly. They can climb too. Then you’ll be fighting a grizzly, in a tree.

Now, concentrate please: yes, it looks like an ordinary backpack. But it has a monocyrstalline solar panel on the front. This absorbs the sun’s energy, transferring it into an electrical charge which is stored in a power pack, hidden inside. Attach your hand-held appliance (mobile, digital camera, or MP3 player) to the charger and voila: full power whilst you’re on the move.


  • Includes rechargeable battery pack and adaptors for Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Siemens mobile phones, plus a mini USb connector.
  • Built-in water-proof sleve and storage pouch
  • Headphones access
  • Capacity: Approximately 15 litres


  • Dimensions: Height: 50.0cm Width: 10.0cm Depth: 35.0cm
  • Weight: 1.0Kg

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