Smartphone Case as Personal Statement: 5 Custom iPhone Ideas

When the iPhone was released in 2007, it took the world of mobile technology by storm. And with most subsequent iPhone releases proving ever more popular than the previous ones, there is no sign of slowdown for this monster smartphone. But while the iPhone may come equipped with cutting-edge features, it doesn’t offer much in the way of uniqueness.

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Sure, users can customize their home screens with a theme or photo, but the overall device remains the same. Those who truly want to make a statement need to look at their handheld like an automobile and “pimp it out” accordingly. That means external customization.

So with that in mind, here are some fun and popular customization options for that iPhone.

1. Photos and Collages

Ideal for moms and dads, adding family photos and collages is fast becoming a popular way to deck out the old iPhone. And there are many companies that are jumping on this trend and offering custom pic-adorned cases for smartphones. Tiny Prints is one such online retailer that has added fully customizable photo engraving to their repertoire of services. Shoppers can upload a photo or photos, choose a font size and style, and then have their own photo-adorned case within a few days.

2. Art and Monograms

There are many companies out there offering fully custom cases besides mere photos. Zazzle is one option that allows users to monogram their specific case and add images and various colors. Folks can customize cases for holiday gifts, such as Mother’s Day or Father’s day, or they can go the humorous or cute route. Abstract design and avant-garde artistry are also on hand. With sites like these, the sky is the limit.

3. Scrapbook Paper

There is any number of custom plastic smartphone cases on the market, but those who truly want to make a unique statement may want to consider going deeper. One creative way to add a personal touch to that iPhone is by purchasing a clear plastic case (around $2.00) and covering it with common scrapbook paper. This material can be found at any craft store and comes in a near-limitless array of styles and designs.

4. Go 3-D

The new frontier in custom smartphone cases might just be three-dimensional. Indeed, more and more 3-D printers are popping up and offering iPhone owners custom nylon cases of varying designs, all texturized with a smooth finish.

5. Advanced Customization

Sometimes it’s best to just go big or go home, and there are iPhone cases that follow this rule to a T. Those who want to make bold statements can opt for iPhone cases in the shape of a Nintendo Game Boy, 80s boombox or an ice cream sandwich. There are iPhone cases that double as personal storage devices, and there is even a security case by Spraytect that comes complete with pepper spray.

While the above options have proven popular in certain circles, iPhone owners can use these ideas as a springboard and mix and match customization ideas to their specific tastes. Yes, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom iPhones, with the smartphone itself a veritable blank canvas just waiting for color.

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