SmartPad the smart way to hold your gadgets

SmartPad Silicone Grip Pads – the smart way to hold your gadgets.

SmartPad Silicone Grip Pads are the innovative new line of non-slip accessories holds virtually any gadget: cellphones, iPods, gps receivers, satellite radios, radar detectors, toll transponders, sunglasses, notes, photos, pens, pda’s, keys, dishes and more.


You can use the SmartPad gadget holder everywhere in the car, home, office, boat, plane, truck and motorhome.

Smart Pad Adantages:

Superior grip — without any glue, adhesives or residue — easily repositioned.
New — introduced in Europe late ’04, North America ’05
Patented — silicone formula and scalloped edge design.
Lasts for years — easily cleaned w/ just warm water — renews grip.
Works in any temperature – from -58F (-50C) to +392F (200C).
Non-toxic — safe for use around children and pets.

Smart Pad measures: 7.5″ X 5″.

The price for Smart Pad is $8.99.

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