Smart Homes Pros And Cons

The Smart homes are the latest tech trend. The concept is getting more and more popular among young people and in today’s article I cam going to talk about the advantages of smart homes and the disadvantages they bring in our lives.

According to Wirefree, Sydney based experts in secure, wireless technologies “Smart homes provide safety, comfort and convenience.”

Indeed the smart homes offer some comfort and conveniences and some security. The technologies re cool and playing around with them is definitely exciting. However you must keep some facts in mind.

#1. The home because high tech and although it is fun to have a new tech toy sometimes relying on technology may be frustrating.

#2. When it comes to security, opt for encrypted wireless transmissions.

#3. Go wireless whenever is possible.

So what technologies to implement?

I would suggest getting a IP video door station which alows the user to see and talk to the person who is at the door. In plus the door can be opened wirelessly using this video doorbell which steams to your tablet or phone.

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Another smart home gadget is the smart lock. It replaces all your keys and some models sync with your phone.  I would advise to add a video camera above the smart lock. By doing this you can see how gets in the house.

Of course, the most useful for securities purposes are the security cameras. Modern security systems can be controlled via an app.

And of course to scary potential intruders you will need a Siren. Such devices make a powerful sound when “a door opens, someone pulls into the driveway, or if there is a break-in”, according to


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