Smart Home: How to Make Everyday Tasks, Simpler, Safer, and Less Expensive

The modern age has turned once arduous tasks into pieces of cake. While you once had to wash dishes by hand, you now have a dishwasher. Where you previously had to sweep your floors you now have vacuums. When technology comes along it can improve our lives in many different ways. Technology can also help save you money if used appropriately. Smart home technology is on the cutting edge of making your life easier. In this article, we will go over some additions to your home to make everyday tasks simpler, safer and less expensive.

Video Doorbell

The presence of wifi linked video doorbells has drastically increased in the past few years. These devices have become easy to set up and very cheap due to decrease costs of manufacturing scaling down. These devices attach to your front door and act as a doorbell.

Whenever visitors press the doorbell their image is directly beamed to your smartphone. Some have integrated functionality with your door so that you can open the door for children, friends, relatives etc. When you are not home. They also allow you to get rid of potential criminals by giving the illusion that you are home.

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Smart Thermostat

One of the largest variable costs for a home after the mortgage, taxes, and upkeep is the electricity and/or gas bill. Heating and cooling costs can often be a big portion of this bill. Using a smart thermostat can decrease these costs through more efficient cooling of your home. In addition, you can turn your thermostat on and off remotely. Smart thermostats come with an app you can use on your smartphone that will alert you when heat or cooling has been left on.

Smart Security System

Security system used to cost and arm and a leg. The connective technology that was crucial to protecting your home was costly and cumbersome. These days, security professionals have many new tools at their disposal like remote cameras, off site monitoring, light and pressure sensors etc. There are many companies, such as Tele-Plus, that can help set up an airtight security system.

Technology comes with risks and rewards. As a homeowner, there are many different ways to benefit from advances in smart technology. While each individual addition to your smart home may save small amounts of money, over time that adds up. Using new technology to make everyday tasks simpler, safer and less expensive is a phenomenal way to improve your life with minimal hassle.

By Lizzie Weakley

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