Slot Machine with LCD Screen

Slot Machine with LCD Screen

Slot Machine with LCD Screen

Turn your house into a casino floor!

Bring the glitz, glamour, excitement and fun of Las Vegas right into your home with your very own fully working Slot Machine with LCD Screen!
The flashing lights, the music playing, the sound of tokens falling…now you can turn your home into your very own miniature casino!

A real working slot machine!
Your Slot Machine with LCD Screen is an authentic gaming machine used in Japanese casinos that can cost thousands of dollars when new. These slot machines are imported from Japan and refurbished, offering an inexpensive alternative to American slot machines.
Combining incredible graphics with fun and exciting game play functions, the Slot Machine with LCD Screen is a great way to experience the thrill of the casino without leaving the comfort of your own home.
Playing your Slot Machine with LCD Screen is just like playing the real “one-armed bandit” at the casino! With 5 lines of play, and the ability to wager up to three tokens per spin, you’ll be able to play it safe or risk it all as you go for the big payday!
Unlike traditional slot machines, you are in complete control because you can stop each reel with a push of the button that’s located underneath the reels. That allows you to stop and start each game of play yourself!

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  1. This kind of Slot Machine (Slot Machine with LCD Screen) are called “Pachislots” in Japan 🙂

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