Six Nifty Smartphone Apps for Someone with a Bad Memory

Although smartphone technology is advanced enough to send us reminders about our anniversary or dentist appointments, sometimes these simple alerts aren’t enough. If you are constantly forgetting to complete tasks, show up to important events, or remember specific information like passwords or dates, you can turn your smartphone into a powerful, all-inclusive notification tool. For those that continue to struggle remembering monthly bills or daily chores, here is a closer look at six apps that may be all you need to keep things running smoothly.

Six Nifty Smartphone Apps for Somone With a Bad Memory

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Notification Bubble

When calls, texts, and emails begin to pile up on your notification screen, it can become very easy to begin consciously or subconsciously ignoring them. Notification Bubble is a live wallpaper with floating bubbles that move across the screen until they are popped and the note is taken care of. If you always have the best intentions of responding to people, yet get distracted by other things, Notification Bubble will ensure that your messages are received whenever you open your phone. You’ll no longer need to apologize for not responding to a party invitation, or calling someone back—Notification Bubble will make sure you get the message.


Spoty is the ultimate app for a forgetful mind. It uses the GPS chip in your smartphone for a location-based alert system. You’ll no longer forget to pick up the dry cleaning on your way home from work, or completely space about sending that important email before lunch. When you walk into your office, or head into the store, Spotty can alert you with specific items like your grocery list, a reminder to send that email ASAP, or even to turn your phone to silent before heading into your meeting. By using your current location, Spoty will make sure you don’t leave the premises without a reminder of everything that needs to get done.

Remember Password

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but this is one of the more powerful password protection and management tools that can be used on any mobile operating system. If your passwords are strewn about the computer desk on brightly colored sticky notes, this probably isn’t the safest system for protecting your sensitive information. With Remember Password, a master password is used to encrypt all other passwords with a tool to lock the phone down if it is lost or stolen.

Car Finder AR

This app is for the dreaded moment when you’ve finished an afternoon of shopping, or just got out of a movie and start on the bottom floor of the parking garage only to realize you can’t remember where you parked. You use your key remote to sound the alarm, and follow the sound of the horn until you finally find your car—three levels up. If this is a common problem for you, Car Finder AR integrates with Google Maps and Google Street View to accurately save and share the locations of your car. If the GPS system is slightly off, the car owner can give a more accurate location by dragging and dropping a pin on Google Street View.

RX Pal family

If you take medications, or your kids do, it can be tough to keep it all straight. You probably find yourself asking, “How many times a day do I take this?” or “Did I already take my pill today?” With RX Pal Family, you won’t have to keep track of your own or other people’s prescriptions—the app will allow you to log the pills you took, keep a list of the meds you are taking, and set reminders for taking specific medications. The app also provides helpful information about thousands of drugs, and can store information for your preferred pharmacy which makes refills easy. Now you don’t have to risk missing a dose or getting confused about your child’s medication—it will be neatly organized and stored for you on RX Pal.


If you are a forgetful person, paying bills on time can be a huge problem when hefty late fees apply to a payment that is passed due. Yes, some of your bills can be paid automatically by deducting from your checking or savings account. However, you likely have some expenses that change from month to month, or that only come up every once in a while. If you struggle to remember payment due dates, or keep track of how much is in your account, Manilla can help you out. An Android app, Manilla will organize any accounts you have and send you reminders about your payments. However, Manilla is better than just downloading your banks’ standard app because you can customize when and how you receive alerts. It also has tools for monitoring all your accounts at once, even if they are with different institutions.

Smartphones are packed with hardware and software that many do not realize could be helping them with their day-to-day tasks. From GPS chips to high-speed 4G connections, these apps could be just what are needed to never forget bills, chores, or errands again. The information for this article was provided by the smartphone professionals of who provide an iPhone trade in program for those with outdated or broken iPhones.

By Dixie Somers

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