Silverlit: MX-1 Extreme

Today at they have a special offer: Silverlit: MX-1 Extreme at only £9.99 (aprox. $15.62, EUR 13.99).



Silverlit has always made the tiniest of remote control helicopters, and this is probably the smallest of all! Just about the same length as a credit card, the MX1 Extreme is so small that it fits inside its own controller which doubles a handy carry case too!

Despite its tiny size, the MX-1’s performance will not disappoint and the extra portability means it can be taken just about anywhere. Weighing just 7 grams, it really is minuscule, but in the toughness stakes it punches well above its weight, with a super tough EPP foam body that will not be dented or damaged by the occasional rough landing, so the MX-1 is perfect for beginners to take their first steps in radio controlled flight. It also has the benefit of being supplied fully assembled and ready to fly right out of the box.

Extremely simple to fly, an auto-stability system also makes the MX-1 even easier to fly in even the smallest of indoor spaces!


  • Super wide infra red control
  • Extra miniature size and light weight
  • Two channel digital proportional control
  • Built in Li-Poly batteries for extended flight time
  • LED light equipped
  • Precision speed control
  • Rudder trim function
  • Extra-durable foam body
  • Recharges through the controller
  • The MX1 can be stored inside the controller too
  • Demonstration Video


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    1. It’s tiny but realy cool! Now waiting till its available in Holland! 😉

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