Shuttle 4800 mini desktop

Shuttle 4800 mini desktop is a cool computer and it cost only $299 (with Foresight Linux).



  • Intel® processor (Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Pentium Dual-Core, or Intel® Core™2 Duo)
  • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 for hi visual quality and faster graphics performance
  • 80 GB Hdd
  • CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive (DVD+-RW optional)
  • 512MB of memory (user expandable up to 2GB)
  • Audio 5.1 channels of high definition quality
  • Internet system: one-step connection to the web – just plug it in and get surfing.

Shuttle 4800 runs with Foresight Linux, but it can be “upgraded” to 32-bit Windows Vista.

The Foresight Linux has the software:

  • OpenOffice – Office Suite
  • Firefox – Web Browser
  • Pidgin – Instant Messaging
  • Totem – Movie Player
  • Banshee – Media Player
  • F-Spot – Photo Organizer

The $299 price is for Linux version. With Windows the price is $479.99.

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