Shortee Stylus Review

The latest gadget I got for review is the Shortee Stylus.

It is a pen which can be used to operate touch screens. This gadget is small and and features a conductive fabric micro-fibre tip which will make it work on all touch screens.

Shortee Stylus

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A big plus for this pen is the fact that it works even if you have an anti-scratch foil on you smartphone. The most expensive smartphone use technologies like Gorilla glass to protect their screens but cheaper models use a protective foil and the problem with this foil is that it does not work with the majority of touch screen gloves. In winter this is annoying because you can’t utilize your phone with the gloves on and this is where a gadget like the Shortee Stylus comes handy. 

The Shortee Stylus is a practical gadget which is simple to use – just use it as you use your finger and in plus using it is pretty comfortable.

The compact design makes it easier to take it with you everywhere; simply place it into a pocket.  

Shortee Stylus review

This little device is useful especially during winter because you won’t need to get your gloves off to utilize your phone/tablet.

It is also useful to keep your devices screens clean without your fingertips on them.

The Shortee Stylus is easy to hold for longer periods and works well with any touch screen device.

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