Shocking Quiz

Shocking Quiz

You may be a whiz at the pub quiz, but are you prepared to face the ultimate test? If you get a question wrong in the pub, you can always (and probably do) say, I was going to say that, oh yes, I knew that one alright, and almost feel as though you did get it right. We all know people like that. Well now you can put them to the ultimate challenge with Shocking Quiz, where getting a question wrong will make your hair stand on end – it’s a sort of Pavlovian mastermind, but without the bell. Each of the four players holds a trigger answering controller, the holder of the blue controller is the quizmaster. They throw a die to choose a question from the top question card in the pack, and then ask the others to pick the correct A, B, C or D answer using their controller. Pick the correct answer and you’re in the clear, get it wrong and there’s no going back, you’ll get zapped. There are two power levels, low for the timid and high for the brave (and possibly stupid). There are 600 general knowledge questions to test your wits and your nerve, making this quiz with fizz the best party game ever.

You can have this for £19.95 – Approx USD $35.91 / €29.53

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