Shocking Autopsy Electric Shock Game

Shocking Autopsy Electric Shock Game

Shocking Autopsy is a game for 1-4 players…errr… VICTIMS!

A gangster has shown up on your autopsy table, killed “Sopranos-style”. Your job is to remove as many weapons from this goomba’s body without touching the sides of the injury area. Do you have the nerves of steel needed to complete the job? If not, then you WILL recieve a shock and your turn is over.

Shocking Autopsy is a fun game that can be enjoyed by all … Going in for minor surgery? Bring Shocking Autopsy in for your surgeon to play! What better way to test their nerves!

How to play: Shuffle the Shocking Autopsy cards and place them face down next to the game. Choose who the first “victim” is and that person removes the top card and shows the rest of the victims playing. The image on the card is the weapon you have to try to remove. If you remove the weapon successfully, you get to keep the card. Fail and you’ll get shocked. Return the card to the bottom of the deck and the next victim has their turn. They must then remove the top card and attempt to remove the weapon. Play continues until all weapons are removed. Then all the victims add up the points on the cards they have retained. The person with the most points is the winner! If there is a tie, then the 2 victims must take turns removing one piece until someone gets shocked.

The cool thing about Shocking Autopsy is that we’ve thought about all of you who are allergic to a shocking pain. There is a “Off” switch to the shock and it is replaced with a scream!!! Play the game the same way as the shock game.

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