Shock Bug Zappa

Shock Bug Zappa

Anyone for a game of squash? Squash and sizzle that is! When the sun makes an appearance in Britain it’s a big occasion ? we’re so used to gray days and freezing temperatures that the minute it gets above 16? we’re out in our deck chairs and boxer shorts determined to soak up some warmth. So what if every other self-respecting European is donning a cardigan ? they don’t spend nine months of the year wrapped from head to toe like the Michelin man. It doesn’t seem fair then, that along with the sunshine, comes a whole host of flying creepy crawlies set out to ruin our enjoyment of the rays.Never fear though ? we’re a resourceful race and we’re determined not to be beaten by a bunch of bugs. Enter the Shock Bug Zappa. Sorry little creatures ? we know that you too are part of the food chain but unfortunately you’re way, way down the pecking order and you simply can’t compete with our innovative greatness! Not only are we going to destroy you but we’re going to have fun doing it… evil snigger! The Shock Bug Zappa is shaped like a squash racket but with a slightly larger head to give you more surface area for making contact with your prey. Basically you just turn it on and swish it about and when the fine mesh face comes into contact with a bug it zaps it with an electric shock. Smaller bugs are instantly frazzled whereas larger ones may just be stunned, (you can choose how you want to dispose of them according to your conscience). Effective and, (sorry but we’re duty bound to tell the truth), really, really, funny. 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included)Do not touch the wire net for 10 seconds after use as it will still be live. Do not hit people, or animals, with the racket. Not suitable for anyone under 10yrs of age.

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