Setting Your Home Security System Up

In this day and age home security is a main concern for many families. Whether monitoring the outside for intruders or the inside as a "nanny cam", setting up a system is basically the same. Being able to install and use your own home security camera will not only be adding protection to your family, but can be cost efficient as opposed to hiring someone to install one, and paying for surveillance.

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So how would one go about purchasing a system and then setting it up so it works properly? To start, there are websites online that will ask you a few questions on the type of system you are looking for, how much security you need, the type of system, either hard wired or wireless, and if you will install the system yourself or would like it to be installed professionally. If you choose to install the system yourself, many systems can be ready to go in a few steps.

Below are steps for hard wiring a system to monitor external or internal areas of your home:

I. Decide where you want to place the camera. Drill holes to mount the brackets for the camera.

II. Drill a hole for the camera wire to go through.

III. Attach mounting brackets and wires to the camera.

IV. Feed the security wire for the camera through the wall.Usually an S-Video attached to a VCR to record.

V. Attach the camera on the brackets and position camera in the proper position to view.

VI. Attach the camera wire to the receiver or monitor in the home that will be used to monitor the area.

VII. Test the camera to make sure it is working properly.

If monitoring the area in real-time a video recorder will not be attached to the system. The steps to setting up a wireless security system are basically the same except the only wiring will be between the security camera and VCR.

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