While men, women, and children can all be the victims of violence, women are more susceptible to crime both in private and public settings.

Violence against women has been prevalent since prehistoric times, and we have always been looking for ways to reduce this horrific trend via women’s safety initiatives.

Women’s safety initiatives refers to many things such as tactics, procedures, policies, products, education, and programs aimed at reducing or deterring gender-based violence. These initiatives and safe spaces are crucial for the everyday protection of women and their personal safety.

An analysis conducted in 2018 by the WHO under the consideration of the UN Interagency Working Group on Violence against Women, across 161 countries revealed that at least 30% of women are subjected to verbal, sexual and physical harassment by any known or unknown person.

While progressive policies and educational initiatives pave the way, all women should arm themselves with practical self defense products to help them physically fight off an aggressor and maintain greater daily peace of mind.

Important Characteristics of Self-Defense Gadgets:

Self-defense gadgets can provide everyday protection to women that will help them remain safe from the harassing nature of the hyper-masculine world

While self-defense gadgets are normally considered non-lethal, any item can be harmful if used improperly. For example, pepper spray can result in fatal respiratory health consequences in severe circumstances.

The ideal self defense gadgets will be small, practical, effective, and cost effective. Any self defense gadget matching all of these criteria should be strongly considered by women, as there are many benefits and few disadvantages.

Here is a list of the top self defense gadgets that women can use to stay protected in her daily life.

Top 3 Most Effective Self-Defense Gadgets


1: Pepper Spray:

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A container of pepper spray is an efficient self-defense gadget, and it’s small enough to fit into your handbag. The pepper spray canister is relatively narrow, doesn’t require much training, and can be easily used in a crisis, by spraying the hot liquid into the attacker’s eyes. The spicy, hot pepper liquid in pepper spray irritates the perpetrator’s eyes and skin and causes them to lose vision and become incapacitated. Pepper spray costs anywhere from $15 – $30, and can be purchased online or in gun stores.

2: Personal Alarm:

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Personal alarms are excellent non-lethal self defense gadgets. They are normally found on a keychain and are small and light. If you want someone to rush to your aid, you must first notify someone that you must be in danger. Many self-defense workshops will advise you to carry personal alarms or any form of whistles for protection. Personal alarms can be purchased for around $15 at online retailers such as Amazon.

3: Defender Ring

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Self defense rings are very effective and innovative gadgets to help keep you safe everyday. The benefit of a self defense ring is that you wear it on your finger as jewelry, and don’t have to store it in your bag or retrieve it from your purse in a dangerous situation. Defense rings are practical and effective for fighting off predators because the ring is hand-mounted to your fist and can be used in conjunction with your natural punches and strikes to fend off an attacker. Self defense rings from Defender Ring cost between $45 and $149 and are well worth the cost as you cannot put a price on safety.


Society is making many strides in today’s world at protecting everyone, and especially those most vulnerable such as women. Legislation and educational programs for young children are at the backbone of the changes occurring – but we must understand that these changes take time. Unfortunately for many of us, we cannot simply subject ourselves to the dangers of the world while we rely on the government and teachers to improve our society. That’s where self-defense gadgets play a crucial role for us. They allow us to provide protection for ourselves, and give us greater peace of mind to live our lives to the fullest.

By Sam