Selecting The Right Air Tools For The Job

Numerous advantages came along with the development of modern technology, especially in the field of machinery. As technology progressed through the years, tools, engines, and machines in general became very sophisticated. Reduced energy costs and noise, increased efficiency and ease of use have made modern tools a desired commodity. A particular branch of tools, utilizing the strength of compressed air, has proved as very useful in many different fields of work as various air tools are finding their way to the toolboxes of many common handymen. Lots of tasks have been simplified with the occurrence of air tools, so let’s take a look at some of the examples of their practical use.


Air tools excel in precision. The changeable cutting disc makes air tools highly applicable and usable in various cutting tasks. Air grinders and air saws are very frequent tools. They can even be used for car polishing if you put on a textile-coated disc. Or put on some sandpaper if you need to put a finishing touch to your woodwork, it’s only up to your creativity.


If you need to repaint something quickly you might consider using a spray gun. It’s easy to use and creates much less of a mess by using compressed air to spray out paint in an equal and thin stream. This tool is a must-have for a modern car painter. You can paint like a professional. Using air spray for painting saves you money because you need much less paint to complete the task. The paintjobs also dry out much quicker because the layers of paint can be very thin.


One of the most common tasks performed by any repairman, drilling is very simplified with air tools.
Old types of drills, driven by electric engine were heavy and inconvenient to use. They could lead to pain and discomfort in the hands, arms and shoulders, especially after prolonged usage. Modern ones on the other hand, use highly compressed air to rotate the head without an engine within the body of the drill, resulting in very light and precise tools.


Sure, hammers will never go out of fashion, but there are also reasons to consider air hammers. How many times did you hit your thumb when trying to hammer down a nail? You can avoid potential injuries by using a nail gun. They can be adjusted for depth of penetration, leaving a few millimeters of the nail to stick out if you wish to finish the job with a regular hammer. This is useful when working on delicate surfaces like woodwork with fine finishing so you can hammer down a nail slowly and carefully, without ruining the surrounding wood.

Dusting and cleaning

When it comes to house maintenance tasks, modern air tools found their way among brooms and rakes. You don’t need to spend a few hours in a bowed position in order to rake up all those leaves. Just take your leaf blower and blow it all away. It will save you a lot of time. Or perhaps, if you need to clean up dust just use the duster with a narrow nozzle to sweep it all up.

Air tools have found their way to many homes because they proved as efficient and cost-effective time and time again and their popularity should come as no surprise. They are practical, save a lot of time and enhance precision of many tasks. If you haven’t been using any air tools yet, perhaps now would be a good time to upgrade your rusty toolbox.

By John Stone

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