Say Goodbye to Boredom: Soccer Games For Every Occasion

Ever wanted to be a soccer superstar? I know I had, but at one point in my life I had to face the fact: I had two left legs. Well, not literally of course, but you know what I mean. I was just never good with the ball no matter how much I enjoyed playing the game. So naturally, I turned to soccer video games where I had a bit more success. I remember plugging my Playstation for the first time and playing Fifa 2008 – yep, it’s was a long time ago.

As the time moved on, video games became even more accessible thanks to mobile phones and it didn’t take long to get some great soccer games. This gave me an idea to discover what are the current trending mobile soccer games and a friend of mine suggested I take a look at a site called AppGrooves where I found a list of best 10 soccer games. This made my work a lot easier so I’ll share the link just in case you want to check out Best 10 Soccer Games by AppGrooves

After I dug deeper into the website, I decided to write something a bit different than ordinary reviews. Instead of simply reviewing apps, I thought why not list apps by what I think might be interesting to a specific group of soccer fans. Two categories I selected are soccer games with real-life players and adventure soccer.

  1. Soccer Games With Real-Life Players

There’s probably a good number of gamers out there that hate when sports games don’t include real players and teams. Although it’s certainly not a deal-breaker for me, I have to admit – it does make the whole experience less fun. There are many soccer games but not many with real-life teams. So here are 3 games that have actual players.

Games: Dream League Soccer, Fifa Soccer, Football Strike.

What I liked the most about Dream League Soccer are user-friendly controls. Thus, it’s a great game for people who want to jump right into the fun. The thing I found a bit underwhelming is the AI difficulty – it just becomes to easy at one point, but luckily you have online gameplay for some real challenge.

Alongside Dream League, we have Fifa Soccer. Since we had the World Cup this year, you probably know about Fifa. Fifa soccer games have been around since the old days and it’s no wonder they transitioned to mobile devices. If you still miss the World Cup then this one is right up your alley. The downside? You can’t play with soccer clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid. But if that doesn’t bother you, you’ll enjoy a smooth and tactical gameplay.

Unlike the first two, Football Strike is a bit different. Instead of the usual soccer gameplay, Football Strike is all about playing with your favorite kickers and even goalkeepers. I found myself playing this one the most when I’d have a few minutes to spare. The quick gameplay ensures you don’t need to think about the available time for playing games. Although lacking the immersive experience the first two have, it certainly is great for commuting.

  1. Adventure Soccer Games

Ever wanted to be an individual player instead of a whole team? The reason I named this group “Adventure” is because the games are about playing as an individual player instead as a whole team. The best way to describe is soccer meets adventure games. I found two that are similar yet different in their own right.

Games: Score! Hero, New Star Soccer

The first one is Score! Hero. You start by creating a unique player and then it’s all about working your way to the big league. Instead of playing with an entire team, you play with only one player. There are still some controls over the entire team but the focus is on you to achieve that legendary status. The only complaint I have is the gameplay does become a bit too hard the more you progress.

New Star Soccer is the second one and the game somehow managed to combine the immersive experience of an RPG with the usual soccer action. I love how you start as nobody, slowly build up experience and navigate the ups and downs of a turbulent career that rapidly turns into celebrity status. There might not be fireballs and monsters as in usual RPGs, but there’s sure a lot of intense soccer action that never stops. I’d say this one is a great all-around soccer game.


Basically, it all comes down to what you’re looking for. I suppose the first category will get the most attention because it has real players, but give the other two a try. I found them quite fun and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed as well. Enjoy playing soccer!


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