Salesforce DX: A Revolutionary Step in the Developer Experience

The method of deployment of applications in Salesforce seems to be undergoing a radical change as the launch of Salesforce DX is supposed to culminate in a total shift in testing and development of software, as well as, applications. Salesforce was quite different from Net, Java etc. but with the advent of this new version or the Salesforce DX, there would be more things complementing those app development methods. Salesforce DX boasts features such as IDE2, CLI, much-enhanced Metadata API, CI solution, Scratch Orgs, and VCS or the Version Control System as the actual source of truth.

The Salesforce DX’s primary objective was making things much simpler and easier for developers. Salesforce DX would allow developers to work in a collaborative environment with definitely more sophisticated reliance and adequate support for the effective open source tools. Salesforce DX is grabbing everyone’s attention as it is here to chalk out a whole new way of working efficiently on the popular Salesforce platform. It is aiming to take the Salesforce platform to the next level. Today, developers would be generating much more effective apps in a quicker manner – this is certainly the best way of describing the true essence and functionality of this new platform. You may browse through reputed sites such as for perfect Salesforce solutions.

Salesforce DX: A Revolutionary Step in the Developer Experience 1

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Command Line Interface or CLI

The Heroku Command Line Interface is the foundation or the base on which the new Salesforce DX is built with the aim of letting developers utilize all APIs through a Common Line Interface or CLI. In this context, you must know that the developers would be making the fullest utilization of the CLI for writing automation scripts to fulfill the responsibilities to build, deploy, and a lot more. IDE2

The Salesforce DX would make it possible for the IDE to deliver efficiently all CLI competencies on which apparently the IDE is supposed to be based on. Developers would now have the liberty to do the editing job in the browser even when they are within the IDE. Moreover, developers could now commit to GitHub even while staying within the IDE. The IDE provides a new test runner for enabling developers to infuse Selenium script or any other script.

Scratch Orgs

Developers could be generating some disposable Org for their own development. This significant deviation from the earlier way of sharing Sandbox with several others is a phenomenal change that is being waited upon by the developers. This would be facilitating the developers with much more elbow space to become more creative, imaginative, and innovative. Developers would now be creating, managing, and controlling scratch orgs, making the use of the CLI commands.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Salesforce has utilized the Heroku platform comprising of Heroku pipeline and Heroku CI for building a perfect solution for both continuous delivery and continuous integration.

Version Control & GitHub Integration

This novel tool could be supporting different choices of VCS or the Version Control System. It could be using the source control for test data, Metadata, test configuration, source code, and even Salesforce org shape.


Salesforce DX is all set to impress the developers with its most advanced features as discussed above. The numerous benefits associated with using the Salesforce DX would be motivating developers to make the maximum use of this latest version of the Salesforce platform.

By Evans Walsh

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