Safe mobile banking

AVG Technologies just released its Q3 Community Powered Threat Report which showed the latest IT treats.

Below you can find a few tips from AVG you may want to adopt for safe mobile banking.


1. Set Banking Alerts

Stay informed about the activity in your banking account by setting custom email and mobile alerts.

2. Clear Your History

Clearing your mobile’s browser cache will not only improve the performance of your smartphone, but it will also stop thieves from accessing copies of web pages that may contain personal information. If you must use your mobile browser, be sure to completely log out after each session.

3. Layered Protection

Lock your phone from cyber criminals and mischievous friends, also consider installing antivirus software that can detect malicious links and illegitimate apps such as AVG Mobilation.

4. Lost Smartphone? Alert Your Bank

If you happen to lose your smartphone, consider alerting your bank or credit card company so that they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Once a thief has your smartphone in their hands, it’s much easier for them to retrieve passwords.

5. Planning To Upgrade?

Wipe your smartphone clean of data and reset it to its factory settings so that old text messages, email or apps containing banking or credit card information are deleted.

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