S3 Surfster

S3 Surfster

Boogie boarding is a blast, but there are a few minor drawbacks. You need fairly decent waves, you have to carry the thing around with you (a pain or impossibility on planes and trains), and they’re not very comfortable to use.

Well, now, thanks to some bright and talented inventors in Australia (where else) all those problems are over. With the S3 Surfster, they’ve transformed Boogie Boarding for ever – it’s quite simply superb.

Being inflatable, it’s easy to carry anywhere, once inflated it’s very solid, the neoprene cover is incredibly comfortable to ride on, and it’s so buoyant you can ride even the smallest waves that traditional Boogie Boards wouldn’t stand a chance on.

Made out of two tough layers, a heavy-duty inflatable inner and an 840d Tough Nylon outer, the Surfster is as rigid and tough as any body board, and is designed to last. Children and beginners are made to look like experts on even the smallest waves, and seasoned surfers will now never be without a surfboard with a Surfster tucked into their backpack. Soft padded foam handles make keeping your grip in the surf easy, and being inflatable, the Surfster can be deflated to the size of a towel, rolled up and put into a rucksack or beach bag.

The Surfster is easy to use and a dream to handle. For families with children it brings an end to the surfer boards flapping around in the wind on the walk back to the car, and for world travellers it means that a surf is always possible anywhere on the globe.

You can have this for £34.99 – Approx USD $62.98 / €51.79

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