Rumor has it, iPhone 5 Features Are Way Better than 4S

When Apple announces a new product release of iPhones and iPads, the news is met with anticipation and high expectations from the tech geeks and people who want to be in with the digital trend. But with the series of iPhone upgrades what are the chances that this iPhone 5 will be received just as warmly? I say, big!

iPhone 5 has already created online buzz several months before and there is no indication of the rumor mill dying down at present. Yesterday “The New iPhone 5” was among the trending topics on Twitter. No doubt about it. People are clamoring for its official release into the market.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is scheduled to be in the storefronts this coming September, as to the exact date, Apple did not say. Whether the iPhone 5 is worth the wait, find out here.

Here are the rumored improved features set to be released next month:

  • 4G LTE connectivity for faster download speeds and network connections
  • Thinner than iPhone 4/4S
  • Wider with 4-inch screen
  • Handset is packed with 1GB of Ram
  • Redesigned App Store
  • New look of iTunes
  • Quad-core processor or the dual-core A5X chip (found in iPad)
  • Smaller home button
  • Narrower SIM card tray

Learning of the leaked specs of the new iPhone 5 will probably get Twitter followers tweeting non-stop to show their excitement of finally having a new tech toy to play with.

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  1. Hopefully the price would be the same as they release Iphone 4S. Do they already release an image of what it would look like?

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