Rumor Has It: Apple to Ditch 16GB iPhone Option

If recent rumors are to be believed, Apple may say goodbye to the 16GB iPhone model this fall, instead opting to start the lineup with the 32GB model. Obviously, this would allow iPhone owners more space for storing photos, videos, and personal content.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news, crediting an unnamed source with ties to Apple.


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Apparently, this fall’s updated iPhone models will come in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB sizes, favoring more storage space. But why is this change happening now?

Camera improvements in the new iPhone, warrants additional space because a higher quality camera creates photos with larger file sizes.

The increased storage space isn’t the only notable change. Unfortunately, the new models will also be missing a 3.5mm headphone jack. Yep, you heard that correctly. That means more people will be blaring their music loudly via the speakers in public, but we digress.

Benefits of Increased Storage

For years, tech pundits and Apple enthusiasts have been making requests for additional storage space. After all, when it comes to an iPhone the available space is finite. If you use it all up, you either have to delete old content to make room for more, or you’re out of luck.

Apple made good on this problem by allowing iPhone users to transfer and store content in the cloud – like their photos, videos, and music. Still, for those times when you’re left without a wireless connection, increased storage space is always a plus.

It means more room for apps, games, photos, videos, downloads, and pretty much anything else you store on your iPhone. These days, mobile apps use more space, photos and videos are of higher quality, and offline music is necessary to conserve data usage.

So you see, by including extra storage space in the base model, Apple is making everyone’s experience much better. Let’s hope this rumor is true and the new entry model (likely coming around September) does include added storage space.

Of course, it can all be attributed to the fact that it’s much easier – and cheaper – to add storage to mobile devices these days.

Why Increased Storage Is Easier and Cheaper

As our devices shrink smaller and smaller, so do internal components like circuit boards and memory storage units. The components aren’t just growing smaller in size, but also in the opposite direction for what capabilities they have. Manufacturers must deliver smaller components that can do just as much, if not more, than the larger size units.

But this also means that other types of technology are improving, like storage. We’ve shifted from physical storage – like traditional hard drives – to flash storage which you can find in mobile devices and portable USB drives.

This technology is advancing at an alarming rate, which is what allows companies like Apple to boost the storage space in their devices.

Samsung, for example, just announced a new flash storage unit that offers 256GB of space. Ultimately, this means the technology is becoming easier to produce which translates to more storage in future devices – like what the new entry-level iPhone may offer. It also means that someday soon, we’ll be able to get larger storage space for about the same cost as the smaller devices on today’s market.

Exciting news, isn’t it?

By Megan Nichols


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