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Every road trip is an adventure but some long haul journeys can pack a bit of stress when you forget the essentials. The good news is that a little planning can go a long way toward making even the most epic road trips a breeze – as long as that includes packing the right gear. So when the open road beckons make sure you bring these must-haves along for the ride.

Road Trip

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A cargo box: Keep non-essentials from cramping your style by stashing them in a rooftop cargo box like the Yakima SkyBox 16 from Carbonite. It’s low-drag so it won’t slow you down or drown out your road trip mix, and it securely holds 16 cubic feet of everything from sleeping bags to skis. Even better, it frees up trunk space so you can easily get to all the stuff you will need at your next pit stop.

The right sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses while driving is about more than fashion – reducing road glare is a straight up safety issue. Classic Ray-Ban sunglasses are a good choice. Their aviators are stylish and even helpful; they were created to keep the sun’s glare from giving US Army Air Corps pilots headaches and nausea so they can do the same for road trippers.

Liquid refreshment: Staying hydrated on the road is uber important, of course, but even if you’re drinking plenty of water your skin can lose a ton of moisture in a closed car. Evian Mineral Water Spray is a skin-friendly pick-me-up that will keep you looking and feeling refreshed even after hours and hours on the road.

Portable power: Aukey has a high capacity power bank that delivers 20,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery power for as many as ten full iPhone charges so you never run out of music and your passengers will have plenty to do. (Plus it has a built in flashlight for those unexpected nighttime pit stops.)

A neck pillow: Being able to sleep on the road? Priceless! But cruising in comfort when you’re riding shotgun means getting the support you need. Pair the Kuhi Comfort pillow with the Travel Halo for a restful ride.

An SD card that saves time: Give your post-vacation self the gift of not having to pull the pics from your camera’s SD card by grabbing a Mobi EyeFi SD card. It can transfer your road trip snapshots right from your camera to your iOS, Android or Kindle device using wifi so you don’t have to do it manually.

Security: A more secure mount for your phone, that is. The TechMatte MagGrip CD Slot Car Mount uses magnets instead of tension arms to keep your phone within arm’s reach at all times so you can recheck your route without using your hands but snatch up your device in a snap when it’s time to hit the rest stop.

Ultimately, the best summertime road trips include all the comforts and convenience of home – whether that means keeping snacks and drinks ultra accessible or being able to drown out the sound of traffic. Vacations should be rejuvenating, after all, and it’s the little extras that make a big difference. If you’re hitting the road soon be sure you pack all the gear that will make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

By Jordan Davis

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