Reviews Of The Best 3 IPhone Apps

It varies by day, but there are about 300 apps that get made every single day. That is pretty ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean amazing. It’s amazing for a tech-y kind of guy like me because I like keeping up with all this stuff. I know it can be a bit cutthroat for the rest of you. See, you guys have lives. I don’t… I write up these nice little reviews so you guys can keep up with all the wonderful apps that come out! Here are some of the newly updated/released apps that you guys might love or hate.


There isn’t anything real special about Vine when we explain it. It actually gets pretty boring when I explain it to someone. It’s something you just have to look up. But I will talk about it anyway! In all reality it’s kind of like Instagram but with videos. With a little bit of twitter in there as well (They actually bought the app and own it now).  What’s really cool is that you can take videos but they are all limited to 6 seconds long. So most celebrities are actually getting really crazy with this! They start to get super intricate. I think there are almost over 500,000 users already and it was only announced about a month or two ago. It’s awesome how we pick up things like this so quickly. I would definitely rate Vine a 5/5. I still cannot find any problem with it, and I get real picky about my social networks!


Oh, Twitter. My friends all absolutely hate how many followers I have. They even hate how much I tweet. People do not really understand that’s actually how it works. The more active you are, the better it is for your online presence! I am absolutely in LOVE with twitter. It really makes me giddy thinking about it… I know that’s so strange but seriously. Twitter and me really have a love affair going on. Follow me and you will see. But this isn’t about twitter is it; it’s actually about the best app in the whole world, Tweetbot. Tweetbot is basically the twitter app on LSD. I have no idea what that even means, but it seemed appropriate. I have never tried LSD and do not condone it, but holy crap if you like twitter at all, you will LOVE this app. It’s magical how everything works. They have the best swipe feature. The best double/triple tap features. I know that all sounds weird and complex, but trust me… You will not want to get off twitter. Tweetbot gets a 4/5 from me because seeing RT’s is actually a bit of a pain some times.

This seriously makes me feel like I am in the future. I just don’t mean like a couple months from now, no I literally mean like generations ahead. It makes your whole home controllable from your phone! We are talking lights, TV’s, doors, and even the option to arm your home from miles away. Most home alarm systems can let you use this app because it works with most systems. Which is great! I rate 4/5 because at times I does get a bit slow, but not enough to make a 3 star.

About The Author: Ronak Kallianpur is a writer for Smith Monitoring a Dallas home security company. Ronak is also an avid blogger and musician. Follow him on TwitterInstagram and check out his music on Soundcloud.

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