Retro gadget: TrimPhone Turquoise

In the last months I saw more and more retro gadgets. And I have realized the retro fashion is here and it will stay for a while. So here is the first retro gadget TrimPhone Turquoise.

TrimPhone – Turquoise

The TrimPhone was launched by the GPO in 1965 as a fashionable alternative to its regular models. It was super popular in 1970.

This replica version has all the style and features of the 1970s original but with modern push button dialling.

TrimPhone Features:

  • Authentic styling
  • Push Button Dialing
  • Redial Button
  • Ringer Off /Soft/Loud Switch
  • Simply plugs into a standard phone socket

Pricing and availability

You can find the TrimPhone at The price is £34.99.

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  1. retro phone with modern plastic design… looks not pretty, imho.

  2. This brought back memories for me. I remember when I bought my first ever TrimPhone, I felt so proud lol!

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