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Technology is changing the way we think, learn, and connect in the world around us. Whereas memorization once dominated intellectual life, today’s most effective problem solvers are those who can selectively gather and practically implement information. Because we are inundated with media to such a profound extent in the modern world, education has become a selective process rather than a purely consumptive one, so students today need new tools to help them navigate the diverse and fast-evolving academic world. Adjusting to the rigors and novelties of university life has always been difficult for young people but now with the educational landscape undergoing constant expansion––finding the right university path is a more daunting task than ever. Fortunately, however, a new breed of innovative apps has just emerged. Designed as tools for prospective students, they simplify the tough task of finding the perfect university.

The Telegraph’s recently released Uni Finder app is available for both iOS and Android. It was developed as a resource to accompany their popular Course Finder site and broaden their digital support for Brits pursuing higher education. Not only does it give prospective students unprecedented mobile access to the detailed and up-to-date information they need, it also offers a sleek and user-friendly interface to make course research easier than ever.

The Uni Finder app lists UCAS point requirements for the diverse catalogue of universities compiled in its database. It also compiles student reviews about various institutions to give university seekers a better idea of what to expect from academic life on the campuses they are most interested in. With regularly updated content, the app outlines the dates of open days, current course offerings, and course-relevant job opportunities in order to provide a succinct and lucid way for students to compare schools. Plus, as one of Britain’s leading news outlets, The Telegraph included a function that aggregates all the latest university news directly into Uni Finder. So not only can prospective students use this new app to compare universities based upon a wide range of important criteria, but they can also keep abreast of recent developments in higher education throughout the UK. Perhaps most importantly, however, Uni Finder saves time. By enabling students to research their academic futures in their free time, no matter where they are, it drastically simplifies the long process of course hunting.

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In addition to their newest app, The Telegraph also recently debuted an online Telegraph UCAS Calculator. This useful tool gives students an objective basis for judging their prospects of admission, and helps them gauge which level of universities they should seek entrance to through course selection. And although there are many UCAS calculators out there on the web today, none is quite like this one. In addition to calculating the point values of A and AS level courses, it also provides insightful suggestions about the types of courses that best fit each student’s unique skills through their points calculation; choose either sensible or random courses and see what the calculator delivers you.

For many, the transition into higher education can be a confusing and stressful time. So, effective digital resources are a massive benefit for those trying to determine the path of their academic futures. Ultimately, the course one chooses to study has a profound influence on both his or her eventual career and also the lifestyle they build around it. So it is not a decision to be taken lightly, and it is one that can only be made after in-depth research and careful consideration. The Telegraph’s newest tools are a great way to cut through the confusion of university admissions, and serve as powerful resources for the UK’s next generation of scholars and professionals.

Credit: The Telegraph UCAS Calculator comes courtesy of Jenny Ann and the Telegraph.

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