Remote control cars

Remote Control Cars are a good gift idea for children and adults.

We all love to play with a performant remote control car and with today new technologies the cars become more advanced, the maximum speeds are higher, they look better and the game feeling is great.

The remote cars are not for everyone because they are pretty expensive.

The most popular remote control cars are Nitro and Trucks.

Nitro RC Cars use a unique type of fuel called ’nitro’ which is a mixture of 3 elements: nitro methane, methanol and oil.


Before buying a Nitro car you must determine whether you want to use them for on-road, or off-road purposes.

Street cars (sedans) are great for first time buyers. A classic example of a street car is Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3. It gets up to 75mph.


If you want a Off-Road nitro truck the HPI Savage X 1/8 RTR RC Nitro is one of the best because you can smash it, bash it, jump it and roll it without destroying it.


RC Trucks are very popular for off road activities. With a RC truck you must Get Dirty!

Very cool are the models:

HPI Hellfire: Raise a Little Hell


Traxxas Revo Tears Through Any Terrain


Before you buy a remote control car read several reviews.

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  4. Those were sort of the toys that I wanted when I was a kid, the kind of toys I would cry over on when at toy stores and still not owning them. Now I know why, they aren’t cheap. But, I still play with them.

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