Reasons Why It Is Better To Believe More In Facebook Marketing

If you have been thinking that Facebook is a mere social networking site and nothing more than that, it is time to rethink! It is now a popular advertising tool and Facebook marketing is the most sought after among new age marketers.

Faster traffic accumulation

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Who does not know that Facebook itself has its own fans? But what you might not know is that it boasts of over eighty million registered members? However, this digit is not fixed and it is growing in millions every day? Now just think what it will be like when you think of Facebook marketing? It is exactly alike what you are thinking; your product will get attention of these millions of people, and it will not be an overestimation to think that at least 5% of this number can turn out to be your potential buyers! I bet a traditional advertising tool can never give you this forceful entry in the world of business.

Faith building process is convenient

When you create your business page in Facebook, you have the benefit of the added advantages of features such as ’like’, ‘share’, ‘tag’ and ‘comment’. The visiting traffic enjoys the same as well, and they can comment on your product in your product page, clear their queries, ask opinion of others and reciprocate with others who come to your page and leave behind cyber footprints in the form of these Facebook features. Thus, the customers develop a clearer picture of your product, its benefits over the other counterparts and similar such attributes, which influence their buying nature a great deal. Therefore, they develop faith towards your product. Eventually, the probabilities of a portion of them being transformed into your loyal customers get enhanced. Can you expect this from a traditional marketing media?

Money saving mode

Who doesn’t want to save money? When you decide to implement Facebook marketing to promote your product, you get this advantage! Opening a Facebook account, putting up an advertisement, promoting your product, getting multitude of traffic – all these come free to you through Facebook. There is no upfront cost at all and all that is needed is your time to update the page regularly and correspond with your visitors. However, paid advertising is also there in Facebook and you can avail that as well if you wish so.

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Roman Sahakov is the CEO of Social Media Marketing company a. He is a hype-free social media strategist and tequila lover.

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    Facebook is the ‘new’ thing compared to old ways of SEO marketing and SEO optimization. What I see though through Facebook things can get viral real quick provided there is an interest from the public on the promoted product or service. This, is hard to achieve, and to be exact, hard to be formulated. You can’t sell a recipe book by attaching the link to the sales pitch page to a video about upcoming movie. You can attach it though to a movie of someone cooking something. But how do we make that cooking clip viral? That’s require creative thinking and I believe that when it comes to creativity, not many people have that talent of being creative. In short, it’s easier to be expert in cooking something, but you may not know how to sell that expertise. We need a middleman to do that, and that’s how an SEO expert like you gets the job done 🙂
    Just my 2 cents,

  2. Facebook marketing is good when you find the reliable seller. But you must be very careful.

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