Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity of USB-C among Gadget Lovers

USB-C is known as the standard benchmark for data transfer and charging. Although, a lot is being said about the MacBook Pro and why you need dongles to connect to the 4 USB-C ports, experts are of the opinion that the introduction of the USB-C will allow you to enjoy several benefits.

In this write-up, let us find out why you ought to start liking this already, and if you go through the paragraphs that follow, you will find out the reasons that have been given to justify the same. So, read on for more insight:

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  1. Charge any device

For charging your Mac, you will need this device, and with this, you can charge just about anything, namely, iPad, iPhone, and any Mac-related device

  1. Compatibility

The dongles that you use and require are the USB-C type devices which are compatible with any USB-C device. It is not just restricted to the Mac devices. If you are looking for a card reading interface, you can try out the SD USB-C Reader dongle from SanDisk Extreme Pro, which can also be used not just for USB-C devices, but also for few Android phones.

  1. Portability

Regarded as one of the best USB-C hub for MacBook, it is quite maddening when your MacBook is deprived of power. But, with the help of this USB-C, you may use just any of the so-called “power bricks” to plug-in. You may also use a USB charger for your car.

  1. Making Mac your battery

An interesting feature of this device is that with the help of your Mac that is connected to a USB-C cable, you can now charge another device like a computer or a laptop. MacBook Pro that is equipped with Touch Bar can be used to charge two devices simultaneously up to 15W, apart from charging two other devices at the same time up to 7.5W.

  1. Speed

It has been established and proven that the USB-C for MacBook Pro is very fast. And if you are using it with Thunderbolt 3 (built-in) along with peripherals, it implies that you can get your data transferred at a speed of 40Gbps or more. This is true in case of cables that are up to 0.5m and 10Gbps in case of USB-C peripherals. Thunderbolt makes this possible because it supports passive and active modes for cables that are longer (20Gbps for active modes and 40Gbps for passive modes).

  1. Controlling phone with a mouse

You can also control your phone with the help of a mouse. How will you do this? You can now plug the USB-C mouse or keyboard into any device (on any platform) provided the platform is compatible with the USB-C mouse or keyboard.

Ever since the introduction of the USB-C, it is being anticipated that it will perhaps bring an end to the charging cables that laptops use. As such, very soon you will be able to charge your laptop even with one of the battery packs that are portable.

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