Real Geeks Don't Work for the Man – They Work for Themselves

Most people go to college in hopes of finding a well paying job, but many geeks today are finding it more lucrative to be their own boss.


Take Phil Plait for example. Mr. Plait used to work for NASA as part of the Hubble Space Telescope team. Today, he is a blogger and the author of "Bad Astronomy", a book which seeks to clear up common misconceptions about space science propagated by Hollywood and the Internet. Did you know that sounds are actually inaudible in open space? You would if you read Mr. Plait’s book.

The art of photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson is difficult to put into words. "My goal is to make pictures as realistic as possible, but at the same time impossible," says Johansson in regard to his work. Inspired by artists like Salvador Dali, one of the Photoshop whiz kid’s pieces depicts the young artist punching himself in the face, making his head implode.

Source: 10 Geeks You Should Know

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