RCRC Robot Car

RCRC Robot Car
RCRC Robot Car

An R/C car that’ll transform you
Most remote control cars are the same. You drive them around using a wireless remote control. While cool at first, it can become boring and dull after a while. After all, what makes a remote control car so unique if it does the same things as every other R/C car out there?
The Radio Controlled Robotic Car (RCRC) is unlike any other R/C car out there! That’s because, in addition to giving you pinpoint radio control that lets you guide your car wherever you like with blistering speed and control, it also contains a hidden secret.
The RCRC Robot Car can also transform into a stand-up robot, complete with arms and legs! With the press of a button, the futuristic RCRC Robot Car transforms from speed machine to dominating and awesome robot!

Total control in your hands
With the RCRC Robot Car, you have complete control in your hands. Use the wireless remote to drive your car forwards, backwards and side to side at an incredible speed. Turn and spin the car literally on a dime with fluid, easy-to-use controls.
But, when you’re ready to really transform your R/C experience, the RCRC Robot Car is up to the challenge. Just press the button, and watch as your car transforms from vehicle to robot in just seconds. Soon, your RCRC Robot Car will dominate the roads unlike anything else out there!
Stylish design
There’s not an R/C car on the street today that looks like the RCRC Robot Car does when it’s in vehicle mode. In fact, you can transform it into a sleek sports car or a futuristic hi-top truck!
And when it’s in robot mode, it features extra large feet for balance, so your robot will always stand tall above the competition!
Powered by 9V batteries (not included), your Radio Controlled Robotic Car looks and acts unlike any other remote controlled car out there!

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  1. i need code to control a E-car by using the wireless network plz

  2. Just wondering what brand the RCRC is or who the supplier is? I need to enquire about repairs or a replacement remote if possible.

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