Quik Pod

Quik Pod

It’s so simple isn’t it, you see it and think, now why didn’t I think of that? Often the simplest ideas are the best, and the Quik Pod (despite the rather annoying missing “c” in Quik) is no exception.

How often have you been out and about or on holiday and wanted to get a snap of yourself? The outstretched hand approach always results in half a head and a rather startling strained expression, or god forbid there’s the excruciating advance on some stranger tactic to ask them to take your picture for you. This is of course fraught with problems, odds are they don’t speak English, they’re undoubtedly going to take a really lousy picture, and they may of course just run off with your camera.

Enter the Quik Pod. This handy telescopic monopod takes any camera or camcorder, allowing you to hold your camera at a distance so you can take a proper snap of yourself and your partner. It’s brilliant. Not only does it take a picture that doesn’t look as though you took it yourself, but you can also use it to photograph way above the heads of the crowds at gigs, film yourself as you ski, or cycle, skate or blade, or sneak your camera round corners for candid pics, the opportunities are endless. Making your You Tube masterpeice has never been easier, and the Quik Pod will make your opus considerably better than all those dark bedroomed half headed monologues out there. Packing down to the size of a saveloy (huh?), the Quik Pod is the must have camera and video accessory of the year.

You can have this for £19.95

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