QR Codes And Training – Both Go Hand In Hand

Probably, when Denso invented the multi dimensional QR codes, they may not have identified the futuristic growth of their invention. As technology is progressing through the stages, we’re experiencing a sudden surge in the way businesses as well as other people are advertising their products. With so many people challenging the way they advertise, everything is being set into motion rapidly.

QR Codes

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Just to be specific, QR codes are not limited to being used for advertising only. The multi dimensional codes are increasingly being used to cater to other avenues as well, all with the help of QR scanners in smart phones. While the enhanced use in the field of advertising has given a lot of headway to the innovative concept, we’re going to discuss how the QR codes can be used in the field of training.

Fire fighting:

This came as a bummer, right? Fire fighting has always been seen as a very dangerous profession, especially, if one is to consider how important it is to always be alert. This is where QR codes come to the rescue. One of the major avenues where QR codes can be used is for identifying the names of fire-fighters. By simple converting their name into a QR code and printing it on their helmets, one can easily come to know who is who in the case of an emergency.


People often have a preset mind set when it comes to attending conferences. However, as a trainer or the host, you have the responsibility of breaking the ice between the people who are complete strangers for each other. This is where you can scan the QR codes, probably, embed the other person’s names in them and ask the people to scan the person sitting on their left or right. By doing so, not only will you be able to engage effective communication between everyone, but also, break the ice in the perfect manner.

Creating Manuals:

If you get into the hassles of creating cumbersome production manuals, you will not only end up wasting a lot of precious resources, but also end up wasting a lot of energy in compiling them. This is the only reason why it’s best to use QR codes to compile a full set of production manuals which can be used to spread the word in and around offices and training centres.

Save yourself from using long links:

Trainers need to use a lot of videos and other resources to share information with their learners. As the amount of information downloads keep increasing, it becomes more than difficult for the people to remember each and every detail of the training module. If you’re one such trainer who’s looking to use a set of videos for training purposes, then it’s best to shorten the links, embed them in QR codes and hand over the printed codes to everyone around. Not only can you break the video links this way, but can also freely distribute the idea around.


With so many types of QR codes available in the market, it all depends on how the QR codes are used on a daily basis. You can reduce the world into the working of a QR code without even realizing about it. Just be innovative and get scanning.

This guest post is authored by Mathew Ronald, a software engineer and a regular blogger. He shares useful custom qr code and tech related tips in his article.

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