Pursuing a Law Enforcement Career? 4 Cool Gadgets You Just Might Get to Use

It may have always been your dream to enter into a career in law enforcement. Not only will you be able to do some good in your community, but you get to use cool gadgets. Here are some of the new gadgets that are available to police officers.

Trip Wire Warning System

It can be nerve-wracking when you’re in a standoff situation. You never know when you might be ambushed. New technology can give you a heads-up before someone sneaks up behind you. The trip wire alarm system has long been used by campers to notify them of a wild animal encroaching on their campsite. It is also used in battle scenarios in the protection of troops. This technology has been modified to be used as a safe guard for police departments.

Pursuing a Law Enforcement Career? 4 Cool Gadgets You Just Might Get to Use 1

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Drone Technology

Drones are becoming more popular. Many of these drones can be outfitted with special cameras so that you can get a handle on the situation. Police used to have to climb into a precarious place in order to examine the situation. These drones allow you to get a bird’s eye view on any hostage or other type of scenario. This allows for you to develop a better plan of action that will keep everyone safe. You don’t have to be put in harm’s way trying to make this determination.

Improved Camera Options

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a superhero and be able to see through walls, new cameras make this almost possible. Thermal cameras are the latest and greatest in camera technology for the police force. You can quickly identity if there is a suspect hiding somewhere before you reach their position. This affords you and other people with you more protection in the situation. It also allows you to more easily resolve the situation without the suspect being injured.

Better Defensive Protections

Bulletproof vests have long been used. More improved models are lighter weight and offer better protection. They can stop higher caliber bullets so that you can still go home at night. Riot gear shields are also better when it comes to visibility options. This allows you to assess the situation before you decide to act. The side portions of the shields have been upgraded so that you have more protection from other angles.

Law enforcement is a noble profession if you like helping people in crisis. There’s also the added bonus of being able to use cool gadgets that will make the job a little easier.

By Hannah Whittenly

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