Prolong Your HDTV Investment With the Right TV Screen Protectors

Cellphone, smartphone and tablet users rarely think twice about getting a suitable screen protector for their gadgets. Normal use often expose their delicate touchscreen displays to nicks and scratches that add up to give them an unnecessary worn-out look and low resale values. The same vulnerability applies to your large flat panel HDTV displays, whether for your desktop PC or home entertainment centers. Their delicate displays are open to all kinds of projectiles that can nick and scratch the plasma or display elements in your Plasma or LCD TV. The worst would be a cracked display that will require replacement costing almost like buying a new HDTV. Good thing there are companies like Crystal Wall that have extended this kind for protection to a higher level of efficiency with their TV screen protectors for your flat screen Plasma or LCD panel displays, whether at home, office or at the mall.


Protection without compromising elegance

Your HDTV is easily the centerpiece in any room, whether on a table or hang on the wall. You really would not want to ruin its slim elegance when off or diminish its picture vividness when on. Unfortunately, that’s what most TV screen protectors do. They have unsightly frames and straps to attach on your HDTV while their 1/4-inch thick Plexiglas screen material creates a barrier to what could be a rewarding viewing experience. But with Crystal Wall TV screen protectors, you conserve the elegance of your HDTV. Its thinner and more transparent Lexan screen protection material provides all the screen protection you need without diminishing your viewing pleasure.

Crystal Wall screen shields are made of ultra clear 1/8-inch thick Lexan which is 300 times stronger and more resilient than glass, giving it the ability to provide real protection to your HDTV screen. Lexan is a brand of polycarbonate plastic sheets that exhibit excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, and durability that have made it the choice by NASA and Boeing for aircraft windows as well as by helicopter makers for the cockpit canopy. It is also the material of choice for bulletproof car windows.

In contrast, competing products use Plexiglas which is only 30 times stronger than glass. Over time, you get to see more nicks and scratches on the Plexiglas than you would on a Lexan sheet. This only serves to further diminish your viewing pleasure with what the competition has.

It is critical to the look of your screen protector is how it is attached to your HDTV. Crystal Wall shields use virtually invisible Velcro to attach to your HDTV fascia bezel. The entire screen protector system adds no visible distraction on your HDTV whether on or off. And because Lexan is less expensive than Plexiglas, you benefit from a lower price tag by as much as $110 for a 63-inch display.

Crystal Wall offers several screen protector sizes that match the common HDTV screen sizes on the market today. They protect HDTV screens between 15-70″ diagonal lengths and it can be customized for a perfect fit on your HDTV.


Crystal Wall provides a comprehensive and elegantly engineered TV screen protection solution that is for all intent and purpose, invisible for just about any HDTV on the market today. It’s also the most affordable on the market.

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