Enhance Your Corporate Presentations with the Venu XD 1070 Projector

Projectors are a principal investment for businesses and one of the most important pieces of office hardware. Corporate executives all over the world employ projectors to present business solutions to clients and work out business strategies with their teams. Nevertheless, the use of this type of digital equipment sometimes presents several challenges to end users. Business users deal with a variety of problems including getting the right picture quality, projector setup issues, and difficulty in connecting to computer systems.

Corporate executives often need a few “technical hands” to ensure the projectors are operating properly. However, presenters are the ones that use projectors in business opportunities. Gaffs in presentations due to technical problems are commonplace. These seemingly small issues can hinder the marketing efforts of a business and slow company growth. Consequently, the best way to streamline business presentations is by acquiring state-of-the-art digital projection equipment that is user friendly. A decent projector will have specifications that deliver extra powerful performance in terms of both sound and quality of images. One of the best digital projectors that you can use in your presentations is the Venu XD 1070 Projector, which integrates a variety of admirable features and specifications.

The Venu XD 1070 offers incredible performance and visual display for virtually any kind of presentation room. Business presenters are able to shake up their conferences and eliminate boredom during presentations. Venu projector users enjoy competitive advantages due to the diversification of the media that is presentable. The possibilities are enormous because the Venu can utilize a variety of computer inputs, play online media, and DVDs. Another key advantage of the Venu XD-1070 is the extremely high resolutions of 1920×1080, which allows for the relay of brilliant images. With its powerful 180-watt lamp that has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, presenters can capture the minutest details during a presentation including data and graphical representations of information.

The Venu Projector XD-1070’s versatility enables it to be effective in both small business and large corporate applications. Presenters will be comfortable applying it in both small rooms and large conference areas. Although the Venu XD is streamlined to be user friendly, it is not overly expensive. Rather the unit is quite affordable and many businesses acquire multiple units for their marketing projects. Small businesses especially find the affordability of the Venu XD-1070 Projector useful. Startups and fledgling companies are able to produce professional presentations without breaking their budgets with the Venu 1070. The versatile projector can project to screen sizes that range from 40 inches to 200 inches. Therefore, whether one is presenting from their home office or a large conference room, the Venu XD 1070 adequately meets their needs.

Businesses will enjoy the premium features that the Venu XD 1070 projector offers. Every unit comes with remote control capabilities, HDMI connections and a powerful set of in-built speakers. Additional included accessories include an AC power cord, standard VGA cable, HDMI cable, replacement filter, audio/video cable, lens tissue wipes, and a lens mount adapter. Furthermore, the Venu XD 1070 projector has a unique silent drive. Projector fan noise is never a problem due to this quiet feature that allows the unit produce sound no louder than 22 decibels

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