Project Glass: A Look into Google’s Astounding Innovation

Have you imagined a point in time where all the information you need is literally shown through your eyes? I’m talking about a biological smartphone; you can store and take pictures with your eyes and have them saved within an invisible storage connected through a wireless network. Am I talking gibberish now? Well just to give you a heads up, Google have already started building this particular technology. No, we’re not talking about putting a microchip on your brain, but more like a pair of glasses. While head-worn displays is something not out of the ordinary, this particular pair of glasses have gotten media attention because Google’s the one funding the whole project.


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So what it actually means is that Google has finally found the way to build a powerful embedded computer in the image of a simple eyewear. How exactly do they do this? If you’re familiar with Kontron, then it’s a no-brainer. If not, then that’s another story. It’s basically the stuff of science fiction novels and films!

Project Glass is being developed by Google X Lab. A secret facility run by the same search engine giant, Google X is located somewhere in the Bay Area of Northern California. Google X has also pioneered the idea of driverless cars. The Google Driverless Car project have successfully made the first robotic driverless vehicle named Stanley. In fact, the State of Nevada have already started the trend. In June 2011, the state has passed a law concerning the operation of driverless cars in Nevada.

Back on the topic, the idea of building an augmented reality head-mounted display is not particularly new. In fact, the very first Project Glass resembled a pair of normal glasses where a head-up display is installed instead of the lens. It wasn’t long until normal lenses were developed and made into head-up display units for the project. The glasses now looked like normal eyewear. It was thought that the Google Glasses would be available for the public before the end of 2012. However, Google decided to give the development team more time to work on the prototype. The product was described as the Google Glass Explorer Edition and will be available in the United States for Google I/O developers around early 2013. It comes at a $ 1, 500 price tag though, so it’s a bit pricey compared to actually buying a smartphone.

What’s so awesome about the Google Glasses? Well, it’s a pair of glasses with the power and capabilities of a smartphone. While Google has not yet disclosed the full functionality of the Google glasses, there were significant events that showcased the power and capabilities of the Google glasses. In April 5, 2012, Sergey Bin wore the prototype glasses during the Foundation Fighting Blindness event in San Francisco. In June 27, 2012, he also wore the glasses at Google I/O where absellers, mountain bikers, and skydivers also tried the glasses and made a live stream of their journer through a Google + Hangout. In this case, there’s an entire possibility of the glasses having the ability to capture pictures and videos. As for communication purposes, Google will probably reveal more of its amazing features within the next few months or so.

Everyone’s really excited about the Google Glasses as it will signify a new start in the realm of mobile communications and technology.

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