Primo iPhone Data Recovery Brings Your Deleted iPhone Messages Back

In a hyper-connected world, messages play a critical role to connect us with our beloved family, intimate friends and important business partners. It’s an extremely annoying feeling when you realize that you’ve mistakenly deleted Messages that mean so much to you. How would retrieve them? Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a wise option for anyone who wants to recover mis-deleted MMS/SMS/iMessages as soon as possible.

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Primo iPhone Data Recovery is an all-new iPhone data recovery tool, available for both Windows and Mac. Aiming for the latest iPhone 7 and iOS 10 users, Primo iPhone Data Recovery is elaborately designed and developed by PrimoSync to recover mis-deleted, damaged or lost iPhone data. With it, recovering data has never been so simple!

To have a better understanding of this powerful tool, let’s see several highlighted features of it.

 From messages to photos, music to notes, WhatsApp to Line, – up to 25 types of iPhone contents could be recovered in minutes.

  1. Offer you 3 reliable ways to ensure solid recovery: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backups and Recover from iCloud.
  2. Enable you to recover essential personal data directly back to your iPhone for instant use like messages, contacts, voicemail, notes, reminders and safari history/book.
  3. Recover and extract data from iTunes and iCould backup, and you are able to preview each individual item you might want to restore instead of limiting you to syncing full items.
  4. The iOS Repair Tools helps revive your iPhone from upgrade errors and system issues like white Apple log, black screen and endless reboot loop.
  5. Support to recover data to PC/Mac in suitable format like HTML, TEXT, CSV, VCF, etc.

Back to the topic on recovering deleted messages now. As we all know, Apple’s iTues/ iCloud backup could help you recover deleted messages, but you have to restore full backup and sync all messages to your iPhone. With Primo iPhone Data Recovery, you are also able to recover MMS/SMS/iMessages directly back to your iPhone for instant use even without any backup in advance.

How to recover deleted messages from your iPhone?

Step1. Firstly, download Primo iPhone Data Recovery and run it. Then connect your iPhone to the computer via an USB cable.

Step2. Select Recover from iOS Device and click Next button to scan your device.

Step3. Choose and preview messages you want to recover.

Step4. Tap Recover to retrieve your desired messages.

Please kindly note that all messages conversation could be saved as readable files if you would like to extract them to your computer.

Once you retrieved your deleted messages to your iPhone directly, you are capable of using it as usual. In the meanwhile, to achieve the maximum recovery rates, you’d better not operate your iPhone until your lost messages get back. Because your messages will be overwritten by frequently perform. Follow the tutorial to recover your deleted messages.

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