Predator Pro Extreme Power Paintball Gun

Predator Pro Extreme Power Paintball Gun

Fancy yourself as a bit of a hot shot? You can join the team with the Predator Pro1000 paintball gun.  With the Predator Pro1000, there’s no need to go scampering around in the woods like a crazed gunman with a whole lot of other trigger happy businessmen on a field day out?you can set up a paintballing course in your own garden ? just make sure you warn the neighbours in case they decide to peak over the fence for a squizz at a bad moment! Practice your sharp shooting with the Predator Pro1000 with snappy cocking load action for amazing range and accuracy. Or, just stick on your safety glasses and load your Predator Pro1000 with non-toxic, biodegradable and water soluble paintballs and turn your back yard into a war zone (just don’t forget the safety glasses)!Features:1 x PR1000 Predator Pistols 1 x Wipe clean target 10 – .50 pellets 1 x pair of Safety Glasses Only for ages 14+

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  1. Paintball is always so much fun! this seems like a nice way to practise:)

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