Powering Homes with Vitamin Digitization

For quite some time the people of this era were being called the Millennials. However, with the constant surge and boom on the digital and technological front, soon millennials are getting replaced by the term GenNext.  For all those of you who are glued to watching Netflix, this word may ring a bell of familiarity.

A few months back there was a Netflix Original movie that was released by the same name of GenNext. Much to the similarities of this topic, this animation movie spoke about a time so taken over by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digitization that the value of human bonds was almost lost. I am not someone who insists that digitization and automation are completely negative because let’s face it there are plenty of pros and advantages that we have been blessed with thanks to the modern digital era.

As per most of the assignment experts at GoAssignmentHelp that time is near when cities will become smart cities and a lot of talks are going on where the Governments are deciding to make every city a Smart City. Much on the similar lines, there is now an uproar in the mention of yet another term. This term is none other than Smart Homes.

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I believe like me, most of you would be getting lost amidst all the confusion of smart cities and smart homes. To end this confusion, let us elaborate and state that smart cities and smart homes are your surroundings powered up by the installation of almost everything AI and the Robo world.

Imagine living in a home that works on motion detection or for that fact a home where everything starting from your television to your air conditioners can be remotely switched on from your smartphones even before you get there! It sounds unbelievable and too good to be true right? Well, this is exactly what the era of digitization has brought for us.

If you are a millennial who is looking to up their game by modernizing your home to make it a smart home, these are some of the options by which you can digitize your home with the latest technology.

Powering Homes with Vitamin Digitization 2

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Amazon’s Amazing Range of AI: Top of the list will have to be the wonder products that are the talk of every smart city and smart home. Amazon gave to the world ‘Alexa’ and she indeed is a wonder. The best part of Alexa is the ease with which you can ask her almost anything and pat will come her reply. With more and more features getting added to her list she can now lock and unlock your smart door (it depends on you whether you want to invest in one), and can also play music the moment you give her the command.

Ring in with the Smart Doorbell: Some may wonder why have smart doorbells, after all, what does a bell do? It just rings and alerts you that you have some company. We all are familiar with the concept of unwanted guests, and how much we dread them. Now imagine a smart doorbell that has a video camera and the moment it rings you can see who is standing on the other side of the door, smart right. This keeps you safe and also if there is someone you are trying to avoid, well you can just decide not to open the door.

The ThermoPower: This one feature is probably the best gift that digitization has given to mankind. Yes, it is a different feel when we can control the temperature at home with just one click on your mobile phone, but more than the fancy feel factor it is about the fact of how much electricity you can save with just that one click. So getting smart and efficient is how these gadgets help us.

As time passes and more inventions are being made almost every day, who is to say what other smart gadgets will become a part of our smart home? When on one end these technological gadgets help in reducing our work and also helps with the efficiency factor, it also highlights how mankind is replacing mankind by AI.

For now, we can sit back and enjoy the luxuries of the digital era and wait to see how else Science and Technology can surprise us!

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