Power Tour Guitars

Power Tour Guitars

Become a fully paid-up member of the school of rock without all the inconvenience of having to learn how to play the guitar first. Guitars are cool, obviously, but the trouble is that they have strings attached to them, in every sense. Just try playing an f chord for the first time and you’ll know what we mean. Well the Gibson Power Tour Guitar takes all the finger origami out of guitar playing with touch sensitive pads. Not only are they easy to play, but when in ‘learn mode’ the guitar kindly lights up the pad you need to press, so making music becomes a no-brainer. Featuring authentic guitar sounds (which you can change to ‘metal’, ‘punk’, ‘rock’, or ‘indie’), you can select a song to play along to from the 12 pre-loaded tracks. As you ‘strum’ across the ‘strum bar’ out comes your music. The guitar bristles with buttons and features such as a palm mute bar, whammy control, input/output jacks, touch sensors and dual functions knobs (which presumably do two things). You can play freestyle or jam along to tracks, plug in headphones to the delight of everyone around you, plug in your MP3 player to play along to your own music, and the output jack lets you plug it into an amp if you really want to rock the world. It’s lazy of course, but boy is it fun!

You can have this for £49.99

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  1. Mmm, maybe OK for young children but I think this guitar is a bit of a joke. There’s no way I’d trade in my Fender Strat for this.

  2. I second that April. LOL, but I guess it is a good start for the kiddies!

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