Power banks in fun designs

You can now say goodbye to plain black rectangular power banks as the latest models come in unusual shapes, including lipstick, sports ball and chocolate bar, and bright colors.

Check out this slideshow featuring 12 China-made fancy power banks and let gadgets load up on much needed “juice” even while on the go.

Colorful cylinder


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Slim and colorful best describe Shenzhen PKCell’s Portable Power Bank PK-9310 model, with its cylindrical housing consisting of multicolor squares.

The model uses a 2,200mAh Li-ion battery to charge mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 players and electronic handheld games. It has red, green and blue LED indicators.

Power for the fashionista


This lipstick-style power bank from Shenzhen Zhong Yu Neng packs 2,200mAh for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry Bold, PSP, and Nintendo’s DSi and 3DS. HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung devices are also supported. The power bank exceeds 500 cycles.

The iX22-12 model comes in black, white, green, pink, red, purple, blue and yellow. A red LED indicator stays lit on charging mode and switches off when charging is completed. The housing is made of ABS and PC.

Chocolate energy bar


This power bank from Shenzhen Netsilver gives energy, just like a real chocolate bar. It packs 3,000mAh in a Li-polymer battery and has about 500 cycles.

The PB-30 model has an ABS case and is 97x37x12mm. Its operating and storage temperatures are -10 to 40 and -20 to 50 C, respectively.

Power in a flask


This flask-shaped power bank from Tai Le has a small, compact construction, boosting portability.

The EP-V8 model comes in five colors, including pink and blue. It suits the iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano, and mobile phones. Price is $3.70 to $4.50 for an MOQ of 50 units.

Have a ball


Gadget lovers will literally have a ball with this power bank from Sunny Win.

The S-P036B model has 3,000mAh for 3 hours charging time. It can be used for more than 500 cycles. The 52mm-high product measures 57.8mm in diameter. It suits mobile phones, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, digital cameras, gaming devices and tablet PCs.

Sweetly powerful


Behind the sweet appearance of CR-4SB-15 model is 2,000 to 2,800mAh of power. It lasts 300 cycles and consumes less than 50uA.

The tubular model comes in light yellow, blue, green and pink and features a small flower accent. The housing resembles a twist of rope.

Wallet power


Shin Tech’s model PB-52-35-02 wallet power bank comes in various types of leather and colors. The unit suits mobile phones, MP3 and MPEG-4 players, and tablet PCs. The capacity is 3,500mAh.

The single-button unit doubles as a smart power monitoring system. It has over-charge, -discharge, -current, -voltage and –loading, and short circuit protection. The model uses a microUSB as an input port.

Hold your power


Ladies will literally hold power in their hands with this purse-type power bank from Shenzhen Cabell. The model comes in black, pink, white and blue and features electroplating that resembles leather.

The W02 model has 5,200mAh capacity. It can be used on a range of mobile phones and tablet PCs, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and digital cameras. It is 105x40x20mm and exceeds 500 cycles.

Pastel but powerful


Shenzhen Xcomm’s Y-102 model may come in soft pastel colors, but it can charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. The unit suits mobile phones such as iPhone 4/4S/5, MP3/MP4 players, the iPod, PSP, Nintendo DS and digital cameras.

The 114×58.3×15.8mm power bank uses ABS as casing material. It has four charge/discharge indicators, and 2,200mAh capacity. The life cycle exceeds 500 times.

Puzzling power


Gadget lovers will no longer puzzle over where to get extra “juice” for their devices with 10,400mAh power bank from Shenzhen Elecsun. It works with various brands of mobile phones and tablet PCs.

The housing of model ED319 SR-003 model resembles a wooden puzzle block, with the red, yellow and blue sections standing out against the white pieces.

The power of time


This inductive charger form Shenzhen Diokey doubles as a clock. The unit has two magnetic induction connectors, and ports for a USB and a Micro-USB.

Shenzhen Diokey dubbed the model as the Portable Induction Battery Bank. Battery capacity is 3,800mAh.

Power book


Shenzhen Faqili’s Power-10 model resembles a book and aptly features the words “Power Book” in front of its super-slim case. The product comes in red, black, yellow, blue and purple.

Priced from $5 to $10, the power bank supports various mobile phones, game consoles and MP3 players.

By Helen Wang

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