Power Bank Charger for Cell Phones Review

I was not the biggest smartphone fan. I only got one because my tablet broke down and the guys from the service did not repair it properly. The main disadvantage of a smartphone is that you always need a socket to charge it because if you use your phone intensively it will go from 100% battery to 0% in less than 1 day. Almost all smartphones users carry with them the charger.

So I like smartphones as mini computers but not so much as actual phones because they run out of battery really fast.

However there is a simple fix. There are gadgets called Power Banks which are compatible with a large number of smartphones and which act like an external battery which connected to your phone it will charge it.

I just got a power bank to review it and my first impressions are positive. The model I have is the Power Bank Charger for Cell Phones 3000mah. Portable, Ultra-compact, Mini Lipstick-sized Universal Rechargeable External Backup Mobile Battery Charger.


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What is the Power Bank Charger

The power bank charger is a battery which gets charged via USB or using a wall socket and then you can use the stored power to charge your smartphone when needed.

The Power Bank Charger looks good and it is also compact & lightweight. It is small, almost like a lipstick (3.58 inches, 0.91 inches, 0.91 inches) and light (7.8 ounces). Taking it with you everywhere is easy because it easily fist even is small pockets.


The device is compatible with a large number of mobile phones: iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and the majority of Android phones. I tested the power bank with an Android phone which was not on the compatible phones list and it worked without problems.

Charging the phone

I used the power bank to charge my phone. I was pleasantly surprised because it charged my phone really fast (comparable to a wall socket charge).

Power Bank Charger Review

This is an useful gadget to have these days. Because it is compact and lightweight it is easy to transport it. In 4 hours the power bank will be fully charged and then you can use this energy to power and charge your smartphone whenever you want.

In conclusion: I like this little gadgets because it has a beautiful and compact design, it’s super simple to use, it has a LED indicator so you always know how much power you can get from it, it is compatible with a lot of smartphones and it does a good job on charging the phone (the charge is almost as fast as the one done using a wall socket).

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