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First it was the notebook (or the laptop computer, for some people), then the Ipad and now, a whole slew of mobile devices that has embedded processors within them. The era of the bulky computers have long ended and now, the portable PC is a popular idea for new concepts regarding computing technology. Let’s face it; everyone needs a portable computer. Whether you need access to the Internet during vacations or your work needs you to be constantly on the go, having a laptop computer or even an Ipad works. But as technology advances, so are possibilities. In fact, Google has already moved forward with the Google Glasses a few months ago, which is a very exciting concept that could probably change how portable computers are made and designed.

Following this trend, some companies and computer designers have also expressed their unique tastes on how the next generation computer should look like. Some are made to look really cool; others are made for convenience, especially to the old and inexperienced with computers. If ever any of the concepts do appear in the near future, it’ll be something amazing indeed.

1. The Flexible Wrist Computer – Sure, you have the Iphone, the Ipad, and the Iphone Touch. Samsung’s S3 is also stepping up into the competition, along with a host of other smartphone makers. But have you ever expected any of these devices to be be so portable that you can just strap them on your wrist without problems?


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Probably not. If you’re tired of putting your smartphone inside your pocket when you don’t need it, then take a look at this gadget. Created by Hiromi Kinki, he envisioned the next portable computer as some sort of wrist watch.


Image source gajitz.com

Yes, it’s a wrist watch with embedded computers. Isn’t that awesome?

But what if you need to write an email or check the Internet? No problem. All you have to do is place the thing on a flat surface, expose its holographic projector screens and pull down it’s ultra-thin keyboard. Now that is what I call the future!

2. The Lapwriter – Uh huh, a lapwriter?


Image source gajitz.com

Yep, a laptop combined with a typewriter. Or rather, it’s a laptop computer using it’s ancestor as a inspiration for portability. And if you’re asking why, then here’s my answer:


The design of this typewriter/laptop prototype is from the classic Olivetti Valentine portable typewriter.

It was a very fashionable office accessory in the 1960’s and 1970’s, which is why I am not surprised if some hipster owner of a computer company decides to build something like this in the near future. It still sports the pull-out keyboard but with a compact rolling screen that can be inserted back within the gadget once it’s time to move.

3. The Flexible MacBook Touch – Okay, so you’re complaining that your laptop is only good with one position, right? Well how about we build a flexible laptop instead?


Image source gajitz.com

Laptop and computer designer Tommaso Gechelin has come up with an efficient way to solve this problem. He’s come up with a way to make the Macbook Touch flexible enough to fold it into, well, whatever you like! You can fold your Macbook Touch to look like a Kindle reader or even fold the device and use it as a desktop monitor.

The reason why you can bend this gadget without breaking it is because of a nifty innovation called the iSpine. Well, it’s still a to-be invented technology, as Gechelin says it. Sadly, this kind of Macbook Touch won’t be hitting the stores yet, since Apple rarely gets help from third-party developers.

Right. Well, I can think of one thing why Apple needs all the help it can get:


Image source huffingtonpost.com

4. Keyboard folding Laptop – I understand that most of the devices introduced above are all concepts. This one is another concept that has a slight chance of becoming real within a few years from now or so. The iWeb 2.0 Laptop features a 6.5 inch touch screen with a full sized keyboard that you can fold whenever you don’t want to use it.


Image source gajitz.com

Well, I am not exactly surprised anymore. The problem with laptops today is that the keyboard buttons are far too small. People who are used to the normal sized keyboard find this annoying. Very convenient, if you ask me. However, it doesn’t have the complete numeric keypad, so I’m pretty sure that will be added in the future.

That’s it so far. I’m sure there are still a lot of unique portable PC concepts out there that needs to be shown to the world, but the ones above are what strikes me as something close to development in the future. Of course, I’m pretty sure that these
devices will rake up a good amount of money, but this is how its supposed to be.

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