Pop-up MicroLite Review

I just got a new little gadget for review. It is called Pop-up MicroLite and it is a practical small, portable lighting device.

Pop-up MicroLite

This small gadget is designed to offer you a light when you need one. It is small and rally easy to use.

Useful to illuminate toolboxes, breaker panels, remote controls, cars/trucks/boats, camping gear, emergency kits, purses,drawers & cabinets, computer ports, briefcases, tackle boxes, backpacks and more.


Pop-up MicroLite features:

  • 2 Lumens super bright LED
  • hands free
  • 30h life time lithium batteries
  • water resistant
  • sticks to anything

Pop-up MicroLite review

Testing the Pop-up MicroLite was very simple. All you have to do is to turn this little device on and off.

Pop-up MicroLite on off

After the device is turned on all the user have to do is to point it where it is needed. Because it come with a 3M sticker it is easy to placed in the area that needs to be illuminated.

A useful gadget because of it’s compact design. It is easy to take it with you and the light in powerful enough to find things in complete darkness.

Until now I have used the device to illuminate my keyboard and to read in bed without turning on the lights and waking my wife.

Pricing and availability

The Pop-up MicroLite is not an expensive gadget. You can get one for less then $7. You can find it on MicroliteTech website.

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