PlayStation and PSP

A little history

The Sony PSP, or Play Station Portable , is the most recent state of the art gadget for downloading music, films and games. Launched firstly in Japan, then into the US and UK, it has been built to the most extraordinary standard, with quality pictures and audio for PSP downloads. It carries on the customs of the everyday Play Station but appeals to folk who like the mobility of the hand held console.


The Playstation, when launched, immediately transformed the idea of the entertainment center.

PSP was and is a huge success. Almost every big retailer offers some good sony psp go deals.

Sony Playstation VS Nintendo Wii


With the technology applied to these 2 games machines, users actually get connected up to using them. Video games don’t have any preference for age and sex. These days , both old and young, woman or man are really into these consoles.

So, to further excite the gamers, the manufacturers of these consoles always try to come up with something new. Recently, Sony Playstation released its psp 3000 bundles and Nintendo launched its Nintendo Wii. Are there any differences between these two?  For starters, it would be hard to recognize the differences.

The 1st difference between Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii is the cost. The cost of Nintendo Wii is virtually half the cost of the latest games console of Sony Playstation ; the PS3. The medium price of Nintendo Wii is $250 while the Sony Playstation three is sold from $500 to $600. Sony Playstation three is claimed to be the most costly games console ever in the history.

Sony Playstation has a reason for its high cost. The new edition of playstation is considered as a computer entertainment system. It is built with blu-ray disc and matchless digital media storage. This gaming console is Wi-Fi enabled. It has 80 GB HDD, HDMI Out, has a free online game play, Blu-ray HD movie player, DVD Up scaling, CD Up sampling, remote play, Bluetooth compatible, 4 USB ports, Backward Compatibility and compact flash (SD memory card/memory stick). Playstation has a large library of games, mp3s, wavs, atrac+ and mp4s music files are also readable from this console. Playstation also has an online gaming, messaging and browsing features. With its high memory, you can store and display your photos in its hard drive as it also supports photo sharing and chatting with friends.

I prefer Wii because for me it is more fun to play interactive wii games. Although Invizimals PSP it is a super fun game.

Xbox vs. Playstation

Microsoft has attempted to catch up with some of the titans of the gaming world ,eg Sony with the releasing of the Xbox 360 console.

The Xbox 360 offers many new features that players will like:

  • Free limited subscription to online gaming – This allows players who have not been participating in online gaming a chance to see what is available at no charge.
  • All Xbox 360s come with Live-aware – This means you can get a friend invite or see who is online and what they are playing from your Xbox 360.  The button in the middle of the controller makes all this very easy.
  • It offers great media features including listening to music while you play games, the ability to create custom playlists and your own custom soundtracks, the ability to rip songs from original CDs to your Xbox 360 and stream music from your MP3 player to your Xbox 360.  You can also create slideshows of photos to share with friends and family

Judging by online capabilities on the Xbox 360, you can connect with other players online when playing PS3 games, as well as download content from the internet. This multi-player concept is sure to bring more players to the table as video games try to compete with that popular aspect of computer gaming.

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    It differs from the original PlayStation Portable in several ways, most notably the absence of a UMD drive, with all content having to be purchased and downloaded from the Playstation Store. The PSP also adds Bluetooth functionality, and uses smaller Memory Stick Micro cards rather than the PRO Duo. It retains the same brilliance in display like the regular PSP but its display is slightly smaller. The PSP Go is 43% lighter and 56% smaller than the original PSP.


  2. That is quite a nice gadget you have there! The Xbox 360 really has fine features that would help it stand up in the competition of the gaming market.

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