Playbike Turns Stationary Bike Exercising into Fascinating Game Experience

Exercise bikes are used by a lot of people for keeping fit. But everyday training process often becomes boring because one has to pedal monotonously for a long period of time without any entertainment, except for watching TV or listening to music. Playbike is a new fitness solution developed to transform cardio training into a fun, interactive gaming experience.

Playbike includes:


-Buttons for bike’s handles

-Games which you can install from Google Play or AppStore

You can turn any exercise bike into Playbike! It’s compatible with all possible models! The sensors are attached to your bike’s pedals and handles. They transmit signals directly to a game running on your mobile phone or tablet. It may be a race or space travelling or something else. From now on exercise bike training will consist from passing new levels and virtual world adventures!

Playbike was developed by a Russian team of specialists with a technical background as a tool to break the monotony of daily cardio routines and make training on an indoor exercise bike more compelling. It achieves this by combining this kind of exercise with mobile or tablet games for iOS and Android devices. Instead of just pedalling for extended periods of time, users can now focus on making progress in the game, reaching new levels and exploring the virtual worlds on their phone or tablet.

A Kickstarter campaign for Playbike will be launched in February 2018. Watch the video below to learn more about it.

By Svetlana



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