Play ‘n’ Roll Piano gadget

This post is about one unusual but cool gadget. The Sharper Image Play ‘n’ Roll Piano.

This innovative keyboard gives new definition to the term Flat.

Unroll the piano gadget to reveal a 49-key, four-octave flat keyboard with sound that’s a pitch perfect copy of a real piano.

Its integrated keypad has a built-in speaker and digital display that provides plenty of instrumental and rhythmic options.

Get big sound by using the auxiliary output jack to connect to a stereo amplifier or home theater, or play a private concert with the convenient headphone jack.

This audio gadget specification:

  • Entire piano rolls up into its own drawstring pouch
  • 100 realistic instrumental tones and 100 different rhythmic patterns in 13 musical styles.
  • Save your original compositions with recording and playback features
  • Volume control dial


This product was initially available at, but I can’t find it no more.

Below you have 2 similar products that are available now.

49 Key Roll Up Electronic Piano Keyboard. Available in UK
49 Key Roll Up Electronic Piano Keyboard

Roll-up Piano – Digital Portable 49 Keys Rollup Electronic Music Piano MIDI Keyboard. Available in USA.

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