Pitaka Aramid Iphone 7 Case Review

I just got the Pitaka Aramid Iphone 7 Case to review. When the manufacturer asked me to review pone of its products I opted for a black and gray iPhone 7 case.

It is quite an interesting product because it is made from aramid fibers which are supposed to be 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight.

Images sources Pitaka website

So I wanted to see how this phone case will perform because I read on their blog that these types of fibers are superior to carbon.

At first the phone case does not look much. It has a simple and clean design and also noticed a design feature which may prove to be useful – a protective ring around the camera which adds extra protection.

This is an idea a like because the camera lens is sensitive and having extra protection is always a good idea.

The Pitaka case fits the phone well and it is cut to allow access to all the phone’s features.

This case resists well to minor scratches – I placed it in the pocket were I also keep the keys and when I removed it the item was unscratched. I wanted to see who scratch-resistant it is and I used a screwdriver on it and applied some force. By doing so I got a fine scratch on the case.

So it will resist minor scratches but you shouldn’t expect to be bullet proof, after all it is a phone case and I don’t think that many people will try to damage it with a screwdriver.

The Pitaka case comes in a nice case which also includes a cover glass. Because my phone already had a cover glass I did not remove it to install the one in the pack but it seems good and it comes with detailed instructions.

Aramid Iphone 7 Case Features:

  • 5 times stronger than Steel at the same weight
  • Light weight less than 10g
  • Slim profile 0.65mm Thin
  • No interference to WIFI, GPS or your signal
  • Extraordinary scratch resistant coating
  • Grippy but not slippy coating

Pitaka Review

The Pitaka Aramid Iphone 7 Case is a high quality Iphone 7 case which resisted well to scratches and in plus it is lightweight, it offers easy access to all the phone’s functions and it looks good.


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