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Squishies are a new trend originated from Japanese popculture. They are cute soft toys that you can easily squish with little force and they will automatically pop back into form afterwards.

Squishies (or kawaii squishies as they are originally called) are a product of the Japanese kawaii culture, where “kawaii” literally means “cuteness”.

In the late-1960s, the Japanese university students formed a protest against the authority and the academic teaching, as much of it was determined by the government and limited freedom of thought and expression.

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As a way to ridicule the university teaching’s, many of the students began to read children comics, and embraced more childish attitude towards their clothing and handwriting and hence the culture of cuteness began.

Squishies work well as stress relief toys, releasing dopamine (commonly known as happiness hormone) rush to the brain. Pressing soft foamy texture stimulates the brain to relieve muscular tension and release endorphins that minimise cortisol (commonly known as stress hormone) levels in the blood. For more information about squishies, we check our article on Facts About Squishies.

They come in multiple texture, sizes and designs. recently new scented squishies were introduced releasing a pleasent, calming scent when squeezed.

Most of squishy toys are made out of polyurethane (PU), which is the same fabric used to make sponges and foam.

There is an astonishing variety of squishies made out of different foam materials to match desired texture and squishiness. Available sizes are:

  • super jumbo
  • jumbo
  • regular


  • mini

Jumbo squishies are among the most popular because of their satisfying size. Check out the collection at Jumbo Squishy Collection and use the coupon code “gadgetsclub15” to get 15%OFF.

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